Joseph Fuentes, Phoenix Elementary School District

PBIS in the Classroom: It is Manageable

We will discuss implementation of Tier 1 PBIS systems in the classroom from a teacher point of view. During this session you learn about the reality of PBIS in the classroom and the tools that you can take to apply in your classroom. We will look at teaching expectations, reinforcing behaviors, and managing the behavior flow charts/accountability systems.

Jeremy Gibson, PBISAz Director of Community Connections 

Classroom/Home Matrices and Flowcharts for Teaching and Correcting Behaviors

Participants will actively engage in creating a classroom matrix that aligns to their school-wide or home expectations and addresses the specific areas, activities, and transitions within their classroom or home. Additionally, participants will develop a step-by-step sequential correction system for responding to minor misbehavior that aligns to the school-wide behavior flowchart or your child’s behavior at home.

Read about more than 20 breakout sessions, including sessions offering BCBA credits, coming to BET-C 2019 this November 7th!

Our keynote address: 

‘Building District Capacity to Systematically Improve Outcomes for All’

Heather George PhD- Research Professor in the Department of Child & Family Studies, University of South Florida

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