Agenda Posted

The BET-C 2016 Agenda is overflowing with so many resources and relevant topics you will need to bring your entire team to round it all up! Presentation materials will be posted in advance for each session so the learning starts early and is never-ending.

Here’s a sample of announced sessions so far:

~Integrated models of prevention and treatment: Positive Behavior Supports and Restorative Practices

~Blending School-wide Positive Behavior Support with Restorative Practice in the Classroom

~The Art of Digital Teaching

~The Millennial Generation: Trends, Theories, and Treatment

~How to Engage Families and Schools

~Supporting Students At-Risk: Check-In, Check-Out (CICO), Families And Diversity

~Empowering Schools to be No Place for Hate

 And we’re not done yet! The following topics will be added in the coming days:
  • SWPBIS to increase trauma sensitivity in schools (intermediate to advanced)
  • The heart of PBIS (intermediate)
  • PBIS: Implementing Tier 1: principals’ perspective (covers K12, includes teaming/assessment and buy in/developing artifacts and rollout and maintenance) (beginner/intermediate)
  • PBIS: preventing restraint and seclusion (beginner/intermediate)
  • PBIS for School Leaders and Policy Makers (beginner)

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Keynote Announced!

We are honored to have Dr. Jeffrey Sprague as our Keynote for BET-C 2016!


Dr. Jeffrey Sprague is a Professor of Special Education and Director of the University of Oregon Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior. He directs federal, state and local research and demonstration projects related to positive behavior interventions and supports, multi-tiered support systems, alternative education, juvenile delinquency prevention and treatment, restorative practices and school safety.

Dr. Jeffrey Sprague, University of Oregon

8:45 am – 10:00 am – Cottonwood Ballroom

“Integrated models of prevention and treatment: Positive Behavior Supports and Restorative Practices”

Multiple approaches to school discipline and bullying are currently being used nationally and internationally. School wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) has been widely disseminated with the support of the U.S. Department of Education. In recent years there has been a rapidly rising interest in the adoption and evaluation of Restorative Justice practices in schools, typically referred to as Restorative Practices. In this session we will describe the theory and components of each approach and then illustrate a proposed combined intervention approach. The approach is based on a core theory that integrated models of prevention and treatment, which combine multiple independent strategies or programs merged into a single intervention, have the potential to address some of the significant challenges facing school programs in a way that does not compromise integrity. Applied examples will be included in the presentation.

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