BET-C 2016

The Art of Digital Teaching

Shawn Jensen, Professional Learning Specialist, Odysseyware

K12 Implementers’ Perspectives on Preparing for a Successful Tier 1 Rollout

Kandice L. Kelley, Assistant Principal, Horizon High School

K12 Implementers’ Perspectives – Part II

Nathan Dettmar, Assistant Principal, Pueblo del Sol Elementary School

Empowering Schools to be No Place for Hate

Melia Dunn, Director of Education, Anti-Defamation League

How to Engage Families and Schools

Dr. Joni Samples, Chief Academic Officer, Family Friendly Schools

Caught On Camera Megan Mayer, Guidance Counselor, Copper Ridge School

Supporting Students At-Risk, CICO

Leanne Hawken, PhD, Professor, University of Utah

Kimberli Breen, MTSS Consultant, Affecting Behavior Change Inc.

A Collaborative Approach to End the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Dr. Gail L. Jacobs, Alternative Education Consultant, Innovative Solutions for Alternative Schools

Sue Aguilera, M.Ed., Alternative Education Consultant, Innovative Solutions for Alternative Schools

Using SWPBIS to Help Schools Become more Trauma-Sensitive  Debi Neat, KOI-Education
The Millennial Generation: Trends, Theories, and Treatment

Dr. Paul Beljan, Beljan Psychological Services

Dr. Kathleen Bree, Beljan Psychological Services & Cardon Children’s Hospital

Dr. Vanessa Berens, Beljan Psychological Services

What’s Love Got To Do With It – The Heart of PBIS Ruth Reynoso, KOI Education