Gregory J. Benner, Ph.D.

Gregory J. Benner, Ph.D. is a Professor of Special Education and Implementation Science at the University of Alabama.

Dr. Benner has a knack for grassroots collective impact—getting whole communities including families, child welfare, mental health, and schools on the same page to meet needs of the whole child. In February 2018, he received the Presidents’ Award from the Northwest PBIS Network for his for outstanding leadership of social and emotional learning and PBIS. He is co-founder of the Tacoma Whole Child Initiative and led implementation efforts for the six years of this transformative effort. He also served as Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Strong Schools at the University of Washington – Tacoma. Presently, Dr. Benner serves as the Helen and Pat O’Sullivan Professor at the University of Alabama.



Keynote Speaker

Practical Trauma-Responsive Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for the Classroom

Wednesday October 28th 9:00 am – 10:00 am

The purpose of this presentation is to build your capacity to integrate and infuse trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies into your classroom. Strategies for building youth social and emotional learning competencies while maintaining an engaging classroom learning environment will be demonstrated. Techniques for ending power struggles and responding effectively to disruptive behavior will be modeled. Simple ways to differentiate classroom behavioral support based on youth behavioral need will be shown.