BET-C 2018 Keynote SpeakerBiography

Kent McIntosh, PhD, is a Professor at the University of Oregon’s College of Education. His current research focuses on implementation and sustainability of school-based interventions, reducing discipline disparities, and integrated academic and behavior support. He is lead author of over 50 publications and principal or co-investigator of over $20 million in federal grant funding. He is Co-Investigator on the OSEP National Technical Assistance Center on PBIS and lead of the Center’s Disproportionality Workgroup. He has also worked as a school psychologist, teacher trainer, and teacher in both general and special education.

2018 Keynote Address

“What Does It Take to Sustain Effective Practices in Schools?”

Why does it seem so hard to sustain school initiatives? When initial funding for training ends or champions move on, how do we keep systems like PBIS strong in our buildings? This talk will provide the latest research findings and practical strategies to overcome common barriers to sustaining effective school initiatives.


Implicit Bias in School Discipline Decisions: Strategies to Enhance Equity”

Disproportionality in school discipline (e.g., by race) is a common and important problem to address, but many efforts to reduce it have not been effective. However, there are some promising strategies for reducing disproportionality within a PBIS framework. This session will describe a 5-point intervention approach to achieve equity in school discipline. Attendees will learn about implicit bias and practical strategies to minimize its effects on discipline decisions and enhance the cultural responsiveness of school systems.