Re-evaluating the Importance of Family-School Engagement

Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Arizona State University

The pandemic has made it necessary to involve families as partners in education in very tangible ways as well as identified creative ways to address disparities in how schools engage with families. This session will focus on how to integrate family-school engagement into existing multi-tiered plans to support students’ behavior and academics. Additionally, it will center family-school engagement as an important component of a trauma-informed school. 

About Sarah Lindstrom Johnson:

Sarah’s work takes a positive youth development approach towards identifying ways to prevent youth involvement in risk behaviors, which focuses on supporting development assets and improving the environments in which youth learn and grow. Much of this work involves partnerships with youth serving organizations such as schools, primary care clinics, and community organizations.


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BET-C is committed to equity

“WOKE” Leadership – Building Equity in your School

  • October 29th 1:20-2:20 pm

In this session, participants will build their knowledge base to be transformative in their roles within their schools and communities. By developing competencies that seek to build equity, participants will be empowered to create change within their realm of influence. Join this discussion and learn practical tools for engagement. You don’t want to miss this!








Jeff McGee, Ed.D
CEO, Cross-Cultural Dynamics, LLC

Dr. Jeff McGee is a published author and thought leader in using an asset-based approach to understand cross-cultural and leadership competencies. He is passionate about equipping leaders with strategies and approaches to lead tomorrow’s organizations. He has successfully led many organizations through training/consultations that have positively impacted organizational culture and relationship building efforts.

If you are a BCBA, BET-C 2020 features opportunities to earn BCBA CEUs. Non-BCBAs will be able to earn up to a total of 7 of those hard to find CEUs for all sessions.

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Going Virtual for 2020




We are excited to share that the Behavior, Education, Technology Conference is a virtual event this year, taking place Oct 28-29th. We are looking forward to bringing new ideas, diverse offerings, and innovative practices to you, our BET-C 2020 participants. Registration is only $39 for both days, or $29 for one day. Invite your colleagues and reserve your spots now!

The 2020 agenda focuses on creating safe and equitable environments for all learners, while promoting trauma-informed practices and self-care for students, educators, and families, who need it more than ever. Strategies to increase student safety and wellness through the implementation of MTSS/PBIS will be featured.

Dr. Greg Benner, Special Education and Implementation Science Professor at the University of Alabama, will present the keynote address, “Practical Trauma-Responsive Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for the Classroom.”

Participants will be able to network and connect with colleagues and BET-C exhibitors throughout the event, while earning up to 8 CEU’s.

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Earn BCBA CEUs at BET-C 2020

If you are a BCBA, BET-C 2020 features opportunities to earn BCBA CEUs. Non-BCBAs will be able to earn regular CEUs for these sessions. 

We are excited to present the following sessions that have been approved for BCBA credit:

Birgit Lurie, MSEd, NCSP, BCBA, LBA- Professional Learning Facilitator, KOI Education






‘Prevent, Teach, Reinforce in the Home Setting. Evidence Based Strategies for Parents’
Oct. 28th 1:20-2:20pm

This session will define and explain the behavioral concepts of Prevent, Teach and Reinforce (PTR) and the evidence supporting those concepts.  The concepts have been used in the school and preschool settings for many years but can equally be utilized by parents when interacting with children at home. Strategies based on the PTR model are especially useful now that parents have added responsibilities of monitoring virtual learning in the home setting.


Jon Bowen, M.A. NCSP, BCBA- District SEL Specialist

Paradise Valley Unified School District, and

Laura Anderson, PsyS- School Psychologist, KOI Education







‘Maintaining Resilience While Responding to Trauma and Challenging Behaviors’
Oct. 29th 12:10-1:10 pm

This presentation will focus on two complementary approaches for caretakers to feel prepared to address challenging behavior. First, we will discuss self-care techniques for resilience against compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Next, we will offer guidance in preparing strategies to respond to challenging behavior when it occurs.

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Keynote Speaker:
Gregory J. Benner, PhD- Helen and Pat O’Sullivan Professor, University of Alabama








BET-C 2020 keynote address:
‘Practical Trauma-Responsive Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for the Classroom’

Oct. 28th 9:00-10:00 am

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Shifting the Classroom From in Person to Online

Thursday October 29th – 1:20 pm – 2:20 pm

 Shifting the classroom to an online format can be challenging.  In this session, learn how to use free resources that will engage both students and parents while staying true to your PBIS program. Participants will be able to identify resources for video conferencing, web page design, and interactive online presentations.

Dr. Joe Roselle has been an educator for over twenty years.  Dr. Roselle has fourteen years experience as a site level administrator and four years as a district level administrator.  He has received recent recognition from PBISAz, SciTech Institute, and the Laveen School District.  Dr. Roselle has also recently presented at conferences hosted by the following organizations: Grand Canyon University, PBISAZ, and APBS. In addition, Dr. Roselle is the current King Lion of the Laveen Lions Club.  


Joe Roselle, PhD

Community Engagement Coordinator – Laveen School District


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Self-Care: Staying Sane in Uncertain Times

Wednesday October 28th 10:10 am-11:10 am

Thursday October 29th (repeated session) 10:10 am-11:10 am

A typical self-care professional development session this is not – because these are not typical times.  A workshop focused on learning to be easy on yourself when everything around you is changing so quickly. Walk away with a better understanding of your stress response system, ways to stay regulated throughout the day, the importance of co-regulation and how to best support you and your students’ self-care needs during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Dawn Baumgartner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with school age children, families and educators to inspire them to believe open hearts will open minds.  Dawn is a former director for a NYC Alternative school, with ten plus years experience including leadership roles related to PBIS/ MTSS.  Dawn is an ASU Field Liaison of the Year recipient.  She holds an MSW and a certificate from the Institute for Nonprofit Management at Columbia University.  She is currently studying under Dr. Bruce Perry, world renowned neuroscientist.


Dawn Baumgartner, LCSW, NMT-C, RYT
Phoenix 1 Social Worker, KOI Trauma Specialist


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The Impact of Racialized Trauma on Black Students

* Wednesday October 28th – 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm 

* Thursday October 29th – 9:00 am – 10:00 am (Repeated Session)

Racism is traumatic. Racial categorization has led to the devaluation of Black people. This devaluation has led to institutional and individual racist violence against Black people causing endemic, unfathomable pain and historical racial trauma. In this session, participants will learn about the intersectionality of race and racialized trauma as it relates to physical, social-emotional and mental health of Black students, and will develop an understanding about the detrimental impact of racism on the lived experiences of Black students and will explore strategies and resources that seek to support the well-being of Black students. 

Adama Sallu has extensive experience providing equity and Inclusion leadership in K-12 institutions. Sallu’s work focuses on areas of diversity, culturally relevant instruction and equity in schools. Sallu currently serves as the Director of Equity and Inclusion in the Chandler Unified school District. Sallu is a national and statewide presenter on educational equity.

Sallu received her doctorate in educational administration and supervision from Arizona State University.

Dr. Adama Sallu, Ed.D

Director of Equity and Inclusion,
Chandler Unified School District


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Keynote BET-C 2020

Practical Trauma-Responsive Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for the Classroom

* Wednesday October 28th 9:00 am – 10:00 am 

The purpose of this presentation is to build your capacity to integrate and infuse trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies into your classroom. Strategies for building youth social and emotional learning competencies while maintaining an engaging classroom learning environment will be demonstrated. Techniques for ending power struggles and responding effectively to disruptive behavior will be modeled. Simple ways to differentiate classroom behavioral support based on youth behavioral need will be shown.

Dr. Benner has a knack for grassroots collective impact—getting whole communities including families, child welfare, mental health, and schools on the same page to meet needs of the whole child. In February 2018, he received the Presidents’ Award from the Northwest PBIS Network for his for outstanding leadership of social and emotional learning and PBIS. He is co-founder of the Tacoma Whole Child Initiative and led implementation efforts for the six years of this transformative effort. He also served Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Strong Schools at the University of Washington – Tacoma.


Dr. Gregory J. Benner, Ph.D.

Helen and Pat O’Sullivan Professor, University of Alabama


Breakout Session

* Wednesday October 28th 12:10 pm – 1:10 pm

Practical Trauma-Responsive Strategies for Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges 

In this session, we demonstrate practical function-based behavioral interventions for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. We provide practical demonstrations on how these interventions can be applied in the classroom and as standard protocol interventions. This workshop is critical to educators or service providers who work with youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Practical and doable strategies will be modeled. Real world video examples of each strategy will be shown. We will provide an engaging, user-friendly approach for social and emotional learning strategies with students who need them most.

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BET-C 2020 is Live!


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Excited to announce the first Virtual BET-C!

The 9th Annual Behavior Education Technology Conference (BET-C), is going virtual this fall! While we will greatly miss seeing our attendees, presenters, and exhibitors in person this year, a silver lining is that we are able to expand the conference to two days.

This year’s BET-C is October 28-29, 2020.
Sessions have been chosen to specifically address solutions for the current situation schools face. 

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Virtual BET-C 2020

As with all things in this new world, we are adapting…

The format for the 9th Annual BET-C will be completely online using video, technology, and maybe a little bit of magic. Having a Virtual conference allows us to spread content over two-days, as well as interact in new ways using our BET-C app. In keeping with our relevant subject matter and presenting what educators and parents need, we offer the following topics:

  • Responsiveness to Trauma
  • Safety and Wellness
  • Self-Care
  • Social Emotional Learning SEL
  • Mental Health
  • Instructional Technology

The cost to attend is nominal, and you have the option of attending only one day, or both days for a special price. A total of 6 CEU’s are available for attending, plus BBCA credits for selected sessions.

Visit the Registration page to register, and check our Agenda page for updates in the coming days.

We hope to see you all in the virtual (and virus-free) world, October 28 & 29th!